Washed for Cars Hope Island Car Wash


Humans and machines working together? It’s the stuff Hollywood movies are made of.  But just a few clicks down the road from Movie World, that very concept has transitioned from screen to reality with WASHED - the biggest innovation in car washing since the hose.  Or at least since the first drive-through carwash in 1940-something.


It’s so simple that it’s mind-boggling someone hasn’t done it sooner – combine the very best of internationally-sourced laser-guided technology with actual human beings.  No community cloths, no giant paint-scratching brushes or contaminated water – the only thing touching your baby will be the seriously soft cloth operated by the hand of a trained professional.


And forget the Whitman’s Sampler of wash options that give you more anxiety than that bright fuel light with no servo in sight.  At WASHED it’s either “out” or “in and out”.  That’s carwash lingo for “exterior” and “interior”. But we don’t need to tell you that!


Better yet, it’s an unparalleled car wash done fast, with the exterior wash completed in 15 minutes or the combo around 30 minutes.


Why not give the dog a wash while you wait in one of our DIY WASHED FOR DOGS wash bays - strictly exterior cleans only for these guys though!


And for the big kid in all of us, sitting inside the car during the exterior wash isn’t just welcomed but recommended.  Treat yourself with a quick pit-stop at the LOCA drive-thru coffee window first then sit back, relax and enjoy. 


Go on. It's your day. You deserve it.