$10 DIY dog wash

Open 7 days - 7am to 6pm

Gold coins, notes & pay pass

Warm water

Shampoo, Conditioner, Flea & Tick


Warm 2 speed blow driers 

Forget the weekly dog wash Olympics, chasing the mutt around the yard and trying to get the hose on the thing.  WASHED FOR DOGS is a clean and simple DIY dog-washing facility that doesn’t just make for a super clean dog but a superiorly happy one.


The wet dog shake, the hippy shakes or covered in milkshake - it doesn’t worry us.


Our cleaning enclosures aren’t just built to be tough, water-efficient and hygienic, but come complete with warm water, environmentally-friendly shampoo and conditioner, flea and tick treatment, a tie-up lead and best of all - a blow dryer, to make even the meanest dog feel like a princess.  And we won’t judge if you sneak a few minutes under the blow-dryer yourself - it’s not bad.


Best yet, you don’t need to scrounge under the seats for loose coins - our facilities accept coins, notes and Pay Pass.  Dog washing has never been easier and dare we say, fun?

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